I make my home in a small horse town in Southern California.  My studio is located on our ranch along with our Icelandic horses, dog, and other wildlife. 

In 2007, California wildfires took our original home.  What seemed to be a tragedy, turned into an enlightening and positive period for me.  Navigating the resurrection of our home and lives was a great awakening to our resourcefulness, our grit, and the blessings of family and friends that can so easily be taken for granted.  In 2014,  I retired from teaching high school Special Education and decided to invest more seriously in my jewelry making.   I relocated my studio from my bedroom to its official spot about half way between our horses and the house.

I’ve been a lifelong maker starting with sewing as a teenager.  I moved through various crafts (beading, mosaic, stained glass, ceramics, needlework, knitting, etc.) but none of them ever took hold like the design and fabrication of metal jewelry.  In 2010 I began my metalsmithing journey.  I was blessed to find wonderful teachers, mentors and collaborators that encouraged my progress.  Learning from and with them is as satisfying and elevating as the resulting work.

My jewelry making process is a lot like me.  I tend to look forward to the next great thing, and thus many of my pieces are one of a kind or limited runs.  Although I can repeat processes, no two pieces are exactly the same. 

I base my designs on the belief that beauty and functionality can coexist.  When they do, the result is greater than when they are separate; not unlike how a thoughtfully laid out garden can simultaneously nourish one’s body, and elevate one’s spirit. Working with this premise, I strive to make pieces that unify the geometry, form, and balance of the human designed world with the curves, texture, and color of the natural world.  When I’m successful, wearers and viewers will sense one of those connections.  After all, isn’t everything about making connections?