1. Who is True North Jewelry designed for?
If you want jewelry that expresses your style or point of view then you have found it! My designs range from simple to bold and can enhance your look or be the centerpiece that draws people in for a closer look or a chat.

2. Who Makes True North Jewelry?
All items are handcrafted by me, in my Ramona, CA studio.  Although your new jewelry is often one of a kind, upon request, I can make another.  Keep in mind that because each piece is hand built incorporates natural stones and unconventional materials; duplicate items vary slightly from photographs.

3. How long does fabrication & shipping take?
Your new jewelry is made to order, so please allow 3-7 days production time if it is not in inventory.  I ship all orders USPS priority mail which delivers in 2-5 business days.

4. Can you describe shipping?
All US orders ship free and international orders are only $5. When you contact me to purchase, please let me know if you wish to upgrade.

5. Do you take returns?
Undamaged items can be returned within 7 days of purchase for a refund or shop credit.   Email me at kathy@truenorthjewelry.com to arrange a return.

6. What forms of payment do you accept?
Once you email me with your choices, I will email you a PayPal invoice that accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Paypal, and PayPal Credit. Once payment is received I will begin fabrication of the piece or ship it immediately if it is in inventory.

7. Sizing?
For rings, check out http://findmyringsize.com/  For bangles and cuffs, I will do my best to give measurements in the item description.

                                                                        METAL FAQs
1. What is Gold Filled?
Gold filled metal is an economical alternative to solid gold. Gold filled is a layer of gold (I use 14Karat) that is pressure bonded to another metal (usually brass), and is 100x thicker than gold plating. This makes it much more valuable and tarnish resistant. It does not flake off, rub off or turn colors. If you can wear solid gold, you can wear gold filled without allergy concerns. I only use gold filled wire and rose gold filled wire in my earring wires and posts.

2. What is Argentium Silver?
Argentium silver is purer, brighter and whiter than platinum, white gold or traditional sterling. It’s hypo-allergenic, antibacterial and the perfect choice for those who are sensitive to metals and traditional sterling or white gold. Argentium silver is highly tarnish resistant, easy to care for, and simple to keep clean.

3. What is Sterling Silver?
Sterling Silver is an alloy of pure (fine) silver and copper. Pure silver is too soft for most jewelry applications. It does oxidize (tarnish) when left out due to the copper.
4. What is Copper?
Copper is  pure metal that can oxidize quickly on its own, however, this often enhances the patina.  I often apply a chemical patina to bring out the textures and beauty of the metal.

5. How do I maintain the look of my jewelry?
Although I use high quality metals all you should need is a quick polish now and then.  I recommend Sunshine Polishing Cloths. If you are very diligent, keeping your jewelry in a small plastic back will slow the oxidation process greatly.